Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day Dreams

Hey Dreamers! Shawn here with an ootd (outfit of the day). Today was beautiful and I couldn't keep my eyes glued into my books so I left school (I advise kids to stay in school haha) hit the subway and headed in to BK for the Botanical Gardens. There were so many flowers still in bloom, and the weather held up the whole time I was there. It was a great day. The look was a play on the GQ Style "What To Wear Now" book. I layered, layered, layered. Check the look and tell me what you think!

The Details: Sweatshirt is from H&M, Green Chino's J.Crew,Maroon letter hat H&M, Thrifted tweed jacket.

The Grounds at the Garden.

The Details: Hawking Mcgill Boots, and J.Crew anchor socks.

Tell me what looks you'll be layering this Fall and...

Dream a Little Dream of Me...

Shawn B.

Monday, October 13, 2014

There's pleasure in the Fall!

Hey Dreamers Shawn back with more fun updates. As I said in the post below this with the change of season I'm bringing in a change of blogging. More updates, more fun with me! Now for today I have 2 obsessions. Firstly if you're ever looking for something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon this Fall I suggest Untermeyer Park and Gardens in Yonkers NY. For the great weather we've been having it's the perfect step out of reality, and into straight up beauty. my second obsession is the app called Rookie for all Apple and Android devices. This app takes some of the best quality photography (which you're about to see) and has some of the best editing tools I've seen. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon it. Let me show you exactly what I'm talking bout...

Tales of Wuthering Heights.


Details: J.Crew raw denim shirt, my Grandma Alberta's wool blazer (crazy I know),  Unknown brand two-tone shoes, and pants are part of a suit that no longer exists. I through out the blazer, hence no longer a suit.
Now more on the garden...

All taken with the Rookie App

Accessory detail: Wuthering Heights book, J.Crew Raw Denim shirt, J.Crew Wool tie, and Floral blue and white pocket square. 
As you can see I had no problem busting out my grays, and blues to bring in Fall in NY with no hesitation. Also I decided yesterday was that day that wearing wool again was appropriate. Call me crazy but I think I pulled it off...

Well I'm tackling Fall head on with my wool's and tweeds, and I want to know how are you going to tackle this season?

Dream a little Dream of Me...

Shawn B 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Return/ Digg This!

   Hey Dreamers, been awhile huh? Sorry for the absence. To make a very long story short, I went to camp to regain myself, I started a new school when I returned, and now it's Fall. I'm going to make sure you (the people who read), the Dreamers that this is always up to date. Promises that must be kept. And on that note here's some music to signify where I'm at in my head.

One Republic- Feel Again

Corinne Bailey Rae- Like a Star

Beyonce- XO

It's good to be back...

Dream a Little Dream of Me...

    Shawn B.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Music Monday... But on Thursday?

Hey Dreamers here's a brand new Music Monday. Yes I know it's Thursday,but my blog my rules deal with it... Luv You all!

Rhye- Open

Drake ft Rihanna- Take Care

Sia- Chandelier

Dream a Little Dream of Me...
                                                Shawn B.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Lobster Pizza.

Hey Dreamers after a full month of hiatus i'm back! I've got a so much to update you guys on it's crazy. Lets see... I graduated college, I went on a trip to a country house, and IT'S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK!

Yes you read that right this is my week, and Wednesday is my day. Even though Wednesday is officially my birthday I spent this past weekend living it up. I had a blast chilling with old friends and brunch with one of my fave ladies. I have pictures from all accounts. Lets start off with this Sunday where I had some amazing Lobster pizza and got myself ready for the incoming awesome week.

This past Sunday I started my week by using my favorite summer camp motto "Mind, Body, Spirit" and decided to get myself together. I woke up and just dug into a good a good book called "Good Poems for Hard Times". A bunch of poems and a really awesome read, if you're looking for different zones for your mind to drift into. Then for my body, I went on a quick half hour run around my neighborhood. The spirit aspect comes from a a good time in the house of the lord. Like I said in posts from before, I like to keep this blog politics and religion free, but it must be said, I had a great time in the lord. Now on to the fashion aspect of this fashion blog haha.

Black and white Love.

The outfit consists of a thrifted  Ralph Lauren blazer, a J.Crew tie, J.Crew Bowery chino pants, and name less two tone shoes.

The glasses are fro J.Crew factory only 24.50 and pretty darn amazing

The hat is part of my Dad's collection, and is pretty great. (only because it's my dad).

In my not so Birthday suit.

There's more to come. This has been a crazy amazing week so far, and there is so much to update you all on. So stay tuned and...

Dream a little Dream of Me...
                                              Shawn B.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

"The Graduate"... A Preppsterdreamin Editorial

Hey Dreamer's I want to take you back to a time where Letterman jackets were the norm, college campuses were paraded by a uniform of sorts, and the Ivy League was a style all its own. Based loosely off of the photography done by Teruyoshi Hayashida in the ivy league staple "Take Ivy" I give you...

From left to right: Frank O, Chris B, Shawn B, and Phillip L

Courtyard Cool
Left to right: Chiaki H, Alicia W, and Aleks B

This was a time where wearing your school colors and letters like Chris is here, was the equivalent of wearing a badge of honor. 

The Varsity/Letterman jacket. In the 50's it was regarded to those "elite" boys who had the pleasure to be called jocks. Here Phillip wears it in the modern form, style and durability. 

Photo from rag-pony.com

Just take a look at this excerpt from "Take Ivy".  The effortless style or swag they have for their school gear was great.

Varsity Hangout

Chris is wearing a thrifted sweater that got a little embellishment from the letter A which is  from Who. A. U to give it a letterman feel.

Shawn is wearing a thrifted  herringbone blazer, with wool school boy
tie from J.Crew, his green and blue plaid pants are also from
J.Crew, and lastly the shoes are Hawking McGill
for UrbanOutfitters wingtips.

Tweed and Herringbone are the staples for the guy who is a little more ambitious. The tweed blazer was also for the 50's British scholar. Think Cambridge University 1952.  



Madras the preppy summer staple. Frank on our right is wearing a madras medley by American Eagle. This staple is for the New Eglander who spends his/ or her summers on the vineyards. A little side mention always goes great with a seersucker.

Study Break: Chiaki is wearing blazer from my Grandmothers collection, vintage Ralph Lauren, a B.Chris Couture skirt, and shirt was my very own (Shawn).

Boys are back in town...

Playing in the grass. Being studios was more than just in the classroom, as you can see here with Phillip, Chris, and Chiaki.

Tiny Dancer: Alicia is wearing a tutu skirt by B.Chris Couture, bblack and white oxfords (stylist own), and black and white UrbanOutfitters shirt.

Chris is wearing a navy blue micro blazer with added white
trim from UrbanOutfitters, tie is J.Crew, and loafers 
were thrifted 

Being the cool kids on campus never looked so good, as it does with Phillip and Chris here.

Corduroy will always be timeless. In Spring time it is better to where separates, but why not be as cool as Frank here and where it as a off suit. The blazer is from Old Navy, the pants are fromm J.Crew, the Sperrys were Franks own, and the striped socks were from J.Crew.

Here's Phillip wearing Levis 511 denim with a an oversized sweater
given to us by my(Shawn) Dad, his heather gray dessert boots
are Clarks.

The over sized sweater. To this day it was a go to for days you felt like being under-dressed, (whatever that means) but deciding to to pair it a slim chino and some desert boots it puts a whole new spin on the look. 

Jungle Jams: Shawn is wearing a wool lined navy blue blazer from
the Salvation Army, with off white Converse, and white shorts with
camel colored scorpions embellished from J.Crew

The staple of all Ivy League staples. The navy blue blazer. Often paired with a chino we over at Preppsterdreamin are a little more daring, we decided to drop an all white situation to the mix.

The Graduate...


Ivy League is a style of men's dress, popular during the late 1950s in the Northeastern United States, and said to have originated on college campuses, particularly those of the Ivy League. The clothing stores J. Press and Brooks Brothers represent perhaps the quintessential Ivy League dress manner, the former with two of its four locations found at Harvard and Yale Universities (the Princeton branch closed in 1942). The Ivy League style was the predecessor to the preppy style of dress. The Ivy League Style is epitomized by the sack suit which is defined as being a 3-to-2 (3 buttons with the top button "rolled" back to reveal only two usable buttons) blazer without darts and a single "hooked" vent. The pants are typically cuffed and without pleats. It was also characterized by the use of natural fabrics, shirts with button-down collars, and penny loafers. In suits, the Ivy League style was promoted by clothier Brooks Brothers and included natural shoulder single-breasted suit jackets. In 1957 and 1958, about 70% of all suits sold were in the "Ivy League" style 


Shawn B                                                            Photography by:  Victoria M and Shawn B.      
Phillip L
Christopher B                                                     Styling by: Shawn B and B.Chris Couture
Chiaki H
Alicia W                                                              Creative Director: Shawn B.
Frank O                                                                
Aleks B                                         Shoot was shot at the amazing Untermeyer Park in Yonkers, NY

This shoot is dedicated to my father Marvin Blagmon and my grandmother Alberta Blagmon. Two people who always pushed me to always fight and strive for everything I wanted, especially in fashion...

Dream a Little Dream of Me...
                                                                        Shawn B.