Monday, April 14, 2014

Pastels and Flowers. #OOTD

Hey Dreamers Shawn back with today's OOTD. Yesterday was Palm Sunday and if you are a church goer like myself you were in church today. Also you know this is the pre-cursor to Easter Sunday so you have to give them the appetizer before you give them the 4 course meal, which is your Easter Look . I decided to start early and bring in the the vintage and pastels, are you ready? Here it is tell me how you feel in the comments below!

Spring Time Fine.

Dissecting my Look: Pants are some old Bowerys from J.Crew, My pastel blazer is a Thrift shop find. It has Tennis rackets on the gold buttons. Quite amazing find if I do say so myself...

Accessory Check: Bowtie and pocket square both from J.Crew Factory store, and shoes are Hugo Vitelli with Cole Haan laces added to them for the extra added touch.

Living too cool for school.

Keep Calm and Love Spring Fashion.

     Dream a Little Dream of Me...
                                                    Shawn B.

Music Monday.

Hey Dreamers! Here we are again with another music Monday and some cool music for said Monday. Some chill jams for you this week. Enjoy and go out and soak up some rays...

Haim- Forever

Solange- Losing You

Best Coast- Our Deal

Dream a Little Dream of Me...
                                                 Shawn B.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Time Fine

Hey Dreamers! If you haven't realized it is amazingly beautiful outside. I've taken the time to make my wardrobe try and reflect that. So today's OOTD is me highlighting what white denim looks like on me. I mean why not wear the white denim when the sun is shining so bright, and the warmth is so "warm". Check out the look and tell me your thoughts!

Dissecting my look: Grey sweatshirt is from J.Crew, and the White Denim is also from J.Crew
The are the 484 fit and fit like a glove.

The denim as advertised on the website. The color described as Wheat. A shade or two off from being exactly white. Still fits like i said above, like a glove.

Soaking up the rays. Also clearing my mind from within.

The tortoise shell glasses are from J.Crew Factory exclusively. They have the Ray-Ban feel, with the outlet price.  

Now the Vans are my new babies. They're camo and look amazing in person. I bought them from Urban Outfitters about 3 months ago and this was their first run out with me.

Here's the link to where I got the sunnies from.

Tell me how you think I handle this lovely weather un the comments below, and...

Dream a Little Dream of Me...
                                                  Shawn B.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Music Monday.

Hey Dreamers Shawn here with some music to get you through this dreary Monday. Since my mood has been a little to the left the music choices today will reflect that. Try turning your manic Monday into a chill Monday.

Mumford and Sons- Timshel

Adele- Chasing Pavements

Coldplay ft Rihanna

Dream a little Dream of Me...
                                                  Shawn B.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Polka Dots and Bumble Bees

Hey Dreamers Shawn here back after my week long hiatus. I've had a very long and trying two weeks and Ill be keeping you posted on how my life has taken this unexpected turn. In other amazing news IT'S SPRING!! Say hello to the first day of Spring, and hopefully the beginning of amazing weather. I decided to add some fun to my outfit by going Spring crazy with my bowtie. Check out the looks below and tell me how you feel!

Dissecting the Look: Cords by none other than J.crew (of course), Polka dot shirt is from Topshop, and Boots are from Hawking McGills, and last but certainly not least my hat is my Dads and is an original Kangol.
Enjoying the sunshine!
Added bonus Alert! My pocket square is also Polka Dot. clearly I went Polka Dot coo coo crazy! Also the glasses are from J.crew factory store.

The Bumblebee bowtie is from H&M, and I rarely wear it because it has alot of personality. On the flip side today was defiantly a bumblebee bowtie die. It's 55 degrees!! 

Go out and enjoy this beautiful day because I know I am.

Dream a Little Dream of Me...
                                                 Shawn B.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Digg This... Iggy Azalea

Hey Dreamers are you having a Fancy Friday? I say that because have any of you seen Iggy Azalea's new Jam "Fancy"? It's a blast straight from the 90's, more so "Clueless". The new video recreates a bunch of iconic scenes from the movie like the highway scene, the scene where Cher debates against Amber, and the tennis gym scene. Iggy does her best Cher impression, and it's very believable. You also have Charli XCX giving you some real Tai realness, and boy o boy is it great! Look the video and the pictures and let me know if you think they did Clueless justice.

Iggy Azalea ft Charli XCX- "Fancy"

Two scenes recreated for the music video!

Stay Fancy! Dream a little Dream of Me...
                                                                    Shawn B.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Preppsterdreamin Essential: The Toggle Coat

Hey Dreamers Shawn back with another weather advisory. IT'S WARM! Finally it is warm outside, well at least here it is. To think we had to wait to the first week of March to get some warmth in the air. So since I feel winter is on the way out (speaking it into existence) I wanted to show you the coat that got me though this winter. The Toggle coat (mine from J.Crew) also known as the Duffle coat is by far one of the coolest coats you can through on to stay warm. I've transitioned this coat from the Fall when I first got it to now, and it hasn't done me wrong yet. Here I am wearing the coat in two different transition times. Enjoy!

The purpose behind this look was when winter had a lapse in  judgement and gave us a semi warm day this outfit was the result. 

This was me two days ago when the weather was a bit on the milder side, but still quite frigid. I layered with a much lighter layering piece with the vest as appose to the cardigan I did in the first look.

Dissecting my look: The navy and white shirt is J.Crew ,dark mocha colored cords from J.Crew, the Vest was once a jean jacket I cut the arms off of  and I've loved ever since, and the pocket square is from none other than J.Crew.

The Toggle coat I'm wearing here on the more colder day is from J.Crew Spring 2013. The versatility of this coat is redic. To take it from warmer days into the frigid weather we're been having this year has been a graceful transition.

With look #2 I went with my weathered Clark desert boots and military green day hat.

For look #1: I went with Blue jeans from Old Navy (don't knock it till you try yet), my Hawking McGill boots, and my dad's maroon hat. Yes I borrow alot from my dad, he has great style.

The sweater in this look is from H&M with some added embellishment in the W patch, also another hint as to the theme of Preppsterdreamin's next editorial. If you can figure it out let me know in the comments below.

How do think I pulled off these two ways of wearing the coat? Give me you ideas on how you would pull it off in  the comments below!

Picture credit goes to official Preppsterdreamin photographer Vicki.

Also my fashion Bible GQ posted a video on youtube on how to tackle the Toggle/Duffle coat. Here it is

Dream a little Dream of Me...
                                               Shawn B.